Sample Research Paper on Forces that Promote Social Change

According to Barry,social change refers to a significant alteration of the cultural patterns and the social structures of a given society over a period of time (5). Basically, the social structures are often composed of persistent network of social relationships that informs the interaction among the people. The transformation of the culture and societal structures can be influence by the following factors;

Culture factors

A study by Goodman and Pegram indicates that there is a correlation between societal values, beliefs, social institutions and societal relationships. This is informed by the fact that institutions, beliefs and values forms an important segment of culture, Certainly, social change involves the change of culture.Additionally,diffusion of culture can cause socio-cultural change whereby people from other cultures get to influence a predominant culture (85).

Economic factors

Industrialization is a critical economic factor that influences social change. Barry 42) contends that industrializations play a significant role in revolutionizing the organization and the way of life of any given community. For instance, a society that embraces traditional systems of production is likely to embrace modern production strategies that encourage the use of machines in production.

Political factors

A state is an important organization that plays an essential role in regulation the social relationships. For instance, any given state is tasked with the responsibility of enacting regulations that informs the interactions among members of a given society. Additionally, Goodman and Pegram alludes that the type of political leadership has a greater influence in directing the direction and the rate of social change (52).


As noted by Shragge technology plays a significant role in influencing not only the societal designs but also the social relationships. For instance, technological advancements have enhanced the ease of communication whereby people from various parts of the world can communicate easily without necessarily coming into physical contact (20). Furthermore, various advancement in technology have changed the ways of life in many societies



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