Sample Presentation Paper on The Limitations of Business Studies

There is an observation regarding many business studies, which shows that they tend to majorly concentrate on the companies and businesses that are succeeding. The ones that have not made it in a particular field are mostly ignored. The notion that tends to drive the academics that prepare the business studies are that the succeeding companies are doing so due to doing something right. This leads in the apparently, failure companies not making it into the texts.

There is some truth in the assumption that the companies that succeed at the very beginning are the ones that are most likely to post continued success. In any industry, the company that has succeeded at first try is the one that finds favor with present and future customers. The suppliers also tend to want to be associated with the company that is performing well. These are the factors that cause the companies that have had initial success to have that perpetuated into the future.

The problem with this perpetuated success is that it does not guarantee long term success that most companies seek. There are many companies that were on the verge of collapse, but still got praised by business scholars as examples of great success in their time. A good example is Enron. Business texts tend to understate the approaches in business that make most companies have immense success. One thing that the amazingly successful businesses have done is taking a really big risk. Due to luck and sound management, some of them succeed while there are countless others that take such risks only to experience failure that they never recover from. Instead of just focusing on the successful companies, business gurus should also study the failing companies in order to get insights from the other end of the spectrum.