Sample Paper on what’s A Degree Worth? Colleges Pushed To Disclose Grad Wages

Apparently, a good number of college and university graduates struggle to find jobs in order to meet their daily needs, besides paying off school loan. Higher education institutions are under pressure to provide earning data by degrees, major and institution. Essentially, it is advisable for students to understand and know the value of their education. This has prompted the introduction of legislation in various countries requiring higher educational institutions to publish annual earnings and average debt of every graduate student.

One of such country to introduce the legislation is the US, where President Obama announced the development of a website that helps analyze colleges for value and affordability. Having information on the value of education is important in the world today as it determines how students will make career decisions. People should not forget the fact that there is no guarantee that a college degree will lead to a job. In fact, in the 1970s during the recession, although people were educated, the unemployment rate was very high in countries like USA. Education has lost its value because most graduates end up in positions and jobs that do not require a degree. This does not in any case mean that college education be scrapped. However, students should concentrate more on majors comparing them with job availability and pay.

Notably, higher educational institutions should publish earnings data; in return, students and parents will be in a position to make choices on higher education. Parents, somehow, be assured of value for the investment in their children. Parents and students need to come together in making the right career choices, knowing that the career chosen will easily land the student a well-paid job.