Sample Paper on Two Cities you have visited

Even though we are experiencing hard economical periods, I made up my mind to visit two cities in the China Republic to enjoy the atmosphere and the good nature of the Chinese. This was in the month of December last year. Besides this, I decided to visit the ancient and modern capital, Beijing to come to terms with its rich history in the past and present. As a home of the finest remains of the imperial past of China, Beijing offers much more background information of the republic. The Great Wall of China is found in this city, amid other legendary tour locations such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of heaven and Tian’anmen Square. These locations hold the best-reserved and fascinating sites for the locals as well as tourists. The city is still beautiful in spite of its long gone glorious past, which housed the initial Olympic Games. I was very much fascinated by the traditional lifestyle of the residents, its narrow alleys, and conservative courtyard houses.

Xi’an is the next city I visited before I travelled back home. Xi’an is defined as a window on China’s prehistoric civilization after Beijing. It was the first capital of united china around 221 BC, under the Qin Dynasty. It has served as a capital during the reign of other dynasties like the Han and the Tang. Significant relics and historical sites are present in this city, with the major site being the Terracotta Army, which is the eighth wonder of the world. It is the beginning of Silk Road, an ancient trade route, which extends from the tour to any significant in China. This city is proudly houses marvelous sceneries, easy-going atmosphere, and scenic beauty.