Sample Paper on “Natural-Born Liars”

‘Natural-Born Liars’ is an article by David Livingstone Smith, published by St. Martin’s Press, in year 2004. Smith describes important functions that deception has established in animals, evolution and in human beings, demonstrating how the structure of our mentality is formed by need to deceive from early beginnings.

Smith states that, deception reveals itself in all humankind throughout history, where lies are told in a narrowest sense by uttering what we know is not true deep down in our consciousness. Deceit features are sustained in novels, literature and even in movie setting and consequently, these stories are enthralling to humankind because dishonesty encompasses human life.  It is stated that everybody lies in their sleep, mourning or  in joy  times and daily basis. This is because dishonesty is an ability that is deep within human life, which they use frequently and is fundamental to human condition. Human kind is known to not only lie verbally, but also through nonverbal ways of omission. Smith states that, individuals disguise their real appearance by using cosmetic surgeries, makeup and hairpieces, apply fragrances to misrepresent body odors, as well as faking orgasms and smiles. Therefore, one reason that makes people lie is because it works and bald truth makes people uncomfortable. Additionally, humankind involves lies in their lives so as to fit and succeed in social systems with objectives of feeling above other people. Smith affirms that, lying to oneself help individuals recognize fraudulent behaviors. Art of lying remain indelibly in our memories, but still our deception is  easily uttered, that individuals fail to notice aspects of lies for what they are. Therefore,  this kind of self-examination results to precise knowledge of our mental life.