Sample Paper on IPhone 7 Review: Though Not Perfect, New IPhones Keep Apple’s Promises

In this article, Brian writes about the disturbing transition made in the new iPhone 7 as it misses a headphone jack and the previously convenient physical home button has been replaced with a virtual one. However, the newly upgraded features are tremendously captivating as it has better batteries, superb cameras, increased speed and it is water resistant. The article illustrates the move made by Apple Company to compensate for lack of the audio jack by including a converter and audio port that can be plugged into the iPhone together with a separate pair of wired ear buds that could be connected for audio purposes. The author also outlines two types of technological consumers, those that embrace technology and likely to accept the new iPhone, and those that upgrade when in need and thus, likely to be discouraged by the missing features in the new phone.

This article is interesting and the best choice to me because it best addresses today’s ever changing technology and difficulties of adapting them as people tend to be entangled with old techniques becoming difficult for them to upgrade. Considering Apple is one of the biggest contributors in technology, the Americans look forward to the next big thing they invent. Even though the author views the new iPhone 7 with a divided mind, the truth is, consumers may be eagerly waiting for it to be on sale. I believe good market orientation and customer views are done before every invention and for a huge company like Apple, the move must have been well strategized. Even though there are people that may experience difficulties in making the choice on which phone to upgrade to, technology should be embraced with positivity to encourage more invention for a better future.


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