Sample Paper on Identify Your Audience

A description of how information could be conveyed to three different groups that would want to know that a new high ranking official has been hired in your organization

Consider the context of a telecommunications company such as Vodafone Corporation. The company had an outgoing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as a result of completion of tenure. The position was advertised in the local and international newspapers for the aspiring candidates to apply. The recruitment process had been outsourced to the management consultant, Deloitte Touché. The vetting process is now complete and the most eligible candidate for the job has been chosen. This message has to be communicated to three different groups: the Chief Human Resource Officer, the general manager of business services, and the director of engineering.

The three most important ways this information could be communicated is through an internal memo, an email and an online discussion forum designed for the organization on the WhatsApp application. All the three people mentioned should be addressed in a clear and concise manner though must be in different tones. The Chief Human Resource Officer is the entry point of employees to the organization. The information conveyed to the Chief Human Resource Officer will be full of technical jargon that is common within the field of human resources such as base salary, benefits, compensation packages, and the stock and cash options that should be rewarded to the CEO annually.

The information conveyed to the General Manager of Business Services will also be full of technical jargon related to business delivery such as cutting operational costs, retrenchment of works, increase in sales revenues and profit margins just to mention a few. The message communicated to the director of engineering will also be full of technical of jargon such as network downtime, network coverage, scalability of the network and so on. The information addressed across the memorandum and email should be formally addressed and put down properly using the proper structure of information. The information that will be written down using the WhatsApp application should not be formally structured since WhatsApp is a social networking site. It has not been accepted as a formal method of communication within many organization