Sample Paper on How to Edit Photograph, Text and Video Using Photoshop


The majority of the people do not understand the critical role that Photoshop plays in photograph editing. In fact, some people presume that photographs are printed the same way they are captured on the cameras. Other people presume that Photoshop is used to destroy their images, as it has been the case in some online instances. Accordingly, most people in the latter group fear Photoshop coming near their digital images on presumption that their images will be manipulated and in extreme case be misused in online platforms. These people do not understand that Photoshop is used to enhance their images and to introduce texts when such texts are required on photographs. Furthermore, they do not recognize that Photoshop has been in existence since 1980s and that photographers have been using it when editing photographs. Thesis: amidst this controversy, Photoshop is an image editing software used to edit images, texts and videos. The software is developed and distributed by Adobe Systems Inc (Shelly and Starks 2).

Photoshop in photography  

Since the late 1980s, photographers have been editing their images using Photoshop. However, very few people understand this fact because the term Photoshop is rarely used in photography (Shelly and Starks 2). Before the development of the latest version of photoshop most people in photography understood Photoshop as a program that was used to fit photographs into desired sizes and crop unwanted parts of the images when necessary (Lynch 5). With such an understanding of the term, people never suspected that photographers could manipulate their images using photoshop. However, with the introduction of the latest version into the market, people have understood Photoshop as a supercomputer program that can be used to manipulate their images and probably tarnish their names online (Stern 246). Accordingly, when the term Photoshop is mentioned in photography, things come to a standstill as people stop to ponder what the exercise can do to their images. Although people do not shy away from taking photographs, they take them after they have been assured that photographers will not manipulate their images.

Editing photographs

When editing photographs, you start by identifying the image to be edited. In most cases, this image is usually contained in the camera or the device that has been used to capture the image. Given that Photoshop is a computer-based program, it is usually important to transfer the image from the camera to a computer that is to be used in the editing exercise. After transferring the image to the computer, the next thing is to start the Photoshop program on your computer and probably start the editing exercise (Worobiec 26). However, you cannot start the editing exercise unless you understand how to operate the program. In this respect, the next important thing in this exercise is to understand how to start the program and run it. Under the presumption that you already have this program in your computer, you proceed by clicking the start button on the task bar of your computer. In case your computer does not have this program, you can download it online and proceed as directed before.

The first thing when using this program is to open a new project and transfer your image on the photograph editing area of the program (Shelly and Starks 7). Then, you proceed using the Photoshop program by playing around with the various icons available on the program. When editing photographs, the most useful icons are the brightness, contrast and resolution icons. The other icons are usually used in advanced editing.

Finally, assuming that you are able to play round with the various buttons on the program to achieve what you want, you should be able to identify the final changes that can enhance your image to get the desired results. This means that you should be able to add texts and borders among other attributes when necessary. Furthermore, you should be able to prepare the final copy of your image, save it and print it (Worobiec 30). If you do this, photoshop should be able to help you edit you photograph.

Adding text on photographs and videos using photoshop

After you edit your image using photoshop, you can also add text to that image. The two basic text types of texts in photoshop are paragraph type and point type texts (TeachUcomp 32). The paragraph type is normally used when formatting and entering several lines of texts and entering them as paragraphs. On the other hand, the point type is used when entering a single line of texts or when entering a single word.

When creating a point type, you should start by selecting the type of the text that you want from the toolbox. Next use the option bar to choose your font option. Usually, the topmost button on this bar allows you to create and use the text-preset tools. After choosing the font option and adjusting it as you wish, you can change the text orientation (TeachUcomp 32). In addition, you can use the other options such as font size, font type and alignment buttons to set your text as you want them to appear.

As for the paragraph text, you should start by selecting the type of tool that you want to create. This can be either vertical type or horizontal type depending on your text preference. After selecting the tool, you drag it with the mouse until you create the bounding box for your text (TeachUcomp 33). Then you proceed as above.

Photoshop in video editing

CS6 is the current version of Photoshop. Despite the fact that this version corresponds to a former version, this version has more advanced tools used in video editing. The said tools are used to improve the quality of videos when their qualities are of low quality. Although this program is not intended to replace other well-known video editing programs, the program plays an important role in video editing (Stern 246).

In order to edit your video using photoshop, you use the video editor option and open your video on the premiere element program. This program provides you with an easy to use environment. As a result, you do not encounter problems editing your video even when inexperienced in this exercise.


Photoshop as an image editing software can be used to rotate, crop or even resize the images so that their appearances can be enhanced. In addition, Photoshop can be used to change the contrasts of the images, repair the images, or combine elements from different images among other things. In business, it can be used to modify pictures and images for advertisements, graphic applications and print publishing among other purposes. At a personal level, digital images modified using photoshop can be used in online photo sharing, blogging and for private photographs.




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