Sample Paper on Harmful effects face the LGBT Members who remain in the Closet


Recently, the LGBT community has become exposed to various barriers placed by religious and traditional cultural beliefs in the society. Some of the LGBT members face an increased risk of severe harassment and physical harm. For instance, some members have had to drop from school due to severe scrutiny and alienation from other straight students. This research paper will seek to clearly identify and evaluate the various harmful effects faced by the LGBT community. It will also examine the role and experience of LGBT members in the society. This includes LGBT school employees who face significant societal and legal pressures to hide their identity. One of the main harmful effects of hiding their LGBT identity is psychological problems. The individual face isolation and develop a sense of diminished safety, which affects their efforts to perform well in the workplace. Most surveys have indicated that LGBT employees do not perform well compared to their heterosexual counterparts due to their own personal risks. It implies a major effect on ability of the LGBT members to express themselves freely in the society. This research would also analyze various illustrations and real life examples of LGBT members and their torment in the current society. Most importantly, it will examine the religious scrutiny usually targeted towards the LGBT society.  Religious leaders and priests do not accept LGBT members as they argue they are against the religious values and doctrines.  Therefore, the research will identity and critically analyze the harmful effects which faces the LGBT members who remains in the closet.

Keywords: Harmful Effects, LGBT Community, Harassment, Psychological Issues, Religious Issues