Sample Paper on Father’s Last Words

John, my brother, was ever a stranger to me. After our mother died, he decided to join the military and was subsequently sent to fight for his nation overseas and only came back home six years later on. All these years, I spent with my father who was not only a police officer but also had a tendency of hitting the bottle more than the average man as a way of mourning his late wife. That was the kind of life that I lived ever since my mother died; no one could see my pain, neither my dad nor my brother who I thought at the moment did not care for me one bit and was ever missing. On the day John returned home, I was participating in the school’s annual football competition which unfortunately my team lost with myself having not scored. I was a frequent goal scorer and I considered my lack of points that day as bad luck brought to me by John. Back at home, we did not have so much to talk about apart from me refusing to share a beer with him.

The morning that followed, we woke up to an invasion. Our town and subsequently our country had been surrounded by invaders who were out to seek justice for the war atrocities committed by our nation against them. By chance and through the help of my father and John, we were able to escape from the town and into the woods before we could get captured. During our escape, we were joined by other young boys and girls from my neighborhood and also comrades at schools. There was no way of escaping what was coming and after the leader of the invasion realized that my father helped us get away, he used him alongside parents of other boys who had fled to blackmail us to surrender ourselves. The invaders had found out our hiding grounds in the woods and they gave a chance to each parent to reach out to his or her child. It was my father who was the last to speak and whose words had an impact on all of us.

When he took the loud speaker before getting shot at, he said, ‘these are trying times for our nation and us, but boys, I would like you to do what I would do; I would fight to get these invaders out of my home.’ The invaders then left, and it was after that ordeal that my brother started training us on basic military skills that would help us to take on the invaders. After weeks of training, everyone was ready to go to war. We had no machinery to take the invaders head on and therefore, we had to employ tactics such as surprise attacks and mass provocation and incitement by turning the locals against the invaders.

Within a short period, the invaders started being intimated as there were attacks against them from all kind of angles. They could go out to fight us in the woods only to find that the locals have invaded their camp. The frustration went on for some time until they decided to flee the country and freedom was restored. We left the woods and reunited with our friends and family. However, the war was not without casualties on our end and we lost some of our friends who took part in the uprising. My brother did not make it either, but I had already made peace with him before he met his demise by a stray bullet.