Sample Paper on English 101

Street name





May 19, 2017


Ms. Johnson Wright, Manager

Allied Transmission

440 Robert Ave.

Santa Clara, CA 95050


Dear Ms. Johnson:


I believe that transmission is a problem that virtually affects every motor vehicle user. My new car has had this problem four times for the past two months. As such, I am requesting for the installation of a new transmission system considering the fact that the existing one cannot be subjected to repair.

I love cars since they make locomotion easy and fast. My car takes me to different places that include shopping, visitations, functions, and tours among others. Furthermore, I sometimes lend it to my relatives when they need it. For these reasons, I have always wanted it to be in perfect condition.

Some of the main problems include leaking fluid; burning smell, engine light, and roller bearings. Furthermore, the car sometimes grinds and shakes when gears are shifted. Firstly, transmission fluids create pressures needed to enhance smooth movement. As such, there should be clean and enough amounts in order to avoid grinding, overheating, and surge cases. There can be total failure when there is a very low and contaminated transmission fluid.

Secondly, I have been experiencing burning smells which I also believe is connected to the transmission fluid and other factors such as build up of debris. This means that the car could be using an incorrect fluid brand or it could be too contaminated. Additionally, I believe that increased friction due to overheating is also associated with such kind of smells. Thirdly, the engine light constantly fails showing that there are a number of transmission issues. This is due to the fact that the engine has sensors capable of detecting unusual activities. Furthermore, the brushing and grinding noises could also be as a result of sluggish roller bearings.

Considering the above issues, I believe that the best remedy is a complete replacement of the transmission system. I am looking forward for a response soon and if possible kindly provide me with a convenient appointment date.


Sincerely yours,