Sample Paper on Doctor Who: The End of the World

The technology

When you watch various films today, you will realize that there are several aspects of technology being used among characters. Some of these technologies are fictional while others are real ones being used by the modern community. In the film titled Doctor Who: The End of the World, there are several fictional and nonfictional technologies that the producer used to make it captive and interesting. The Adherents of the Repeated Meme is among the technologies that have featured in the film. This particular technology was in the form of androids which were used by the character Cassandra to carry and produce stainless-steel orbs which she offered to the guests as a gift. However, the orbs secretly contained metal spiders which she intended to use to hold hostage the assembled elite in order to be given a ransom for their release. On the other hand, she wanted to use it to kill everyone and in turn take control of the company and benefit from the profits accrued from operating it. Cassandra had the power to control the Memes in such a way that it releases the metal spiders to attack the people. The Memes were covered in black while the heads perfectly concealed in masks making it hard for anyone to know their true identities. However, it was a dangerous technology, which could not only kill but also produce grave like loud whispers to call on the other metal spiders to attack the people.

Among those who were affected by the technology was Rose Tyler whom Cassandra knocked unconscious before dragging her into the room with a sun filter. She wanted to revenge on Tyler for her earlier insults. On the other hand, the Doctor lost his hand when the Meme attached him while he was trying to strike it. It shows that Cassandra used the Memes to not only revenge on the people, but also to carry out her plan of taking the guests captive which did not take place because the Doctor managed to shut down the ganglia strands that made the Meme to operate.

Ethical analysis

Meme technology presents several ethical issues. First, the bad thing about it is that it is used as a tool for war. It is disguised as a gift which is attractive yet it is a weapon. Meme is meant by Cassandra to produce harm and not good. Throughout the film, the audience sees it causing harm meaning that it does not have any significant value to the other characters apart from Cassandra.

Sustainability issues

Meme has sustainability issues because of the potential of the spiders to the station shielding causing direct radiation to take place killing many of the guests. The exposure to the intense radiation also threatens the life of Rose. At the same time, it can wipe away everyone which means that it is a threat to the survival of the other characters in the film. However, the technology does not have to rely on limited resources that are able in the station. Its aim is to cause destruction but does not rely on other materials to exist. Cassandra was controlling the Meme allowing it to release the spider; the spider did not come out because they were depending on some resource.

Diversity concerns

Meme presents diversity concerns because, it can be used as a jewelry which Cassandra gave to the guest while at the same time it is used as a weapon. The gift was available for everyone with the intention of attacking them ones Cassandra was set to carry out her mission.