Sample Paper on Discourse Analysis

A story is told about hare and tortoise, the hare believed that nobody would beat him in a race. He was always making fun of tortoise for being slow. One day, the tortoise got angry and answered him:”I don’t really agree with you because the fact that you are fast doesn’t mean that you can beat everyone.”.The hare laughed. “In my opinion, no one can beat me because of my high speed. Maybe we should compete and find out who is the fastest between us”

The statement annoyed the tortoise so much that he agreed to compete. They agreed on the path to follow and the following day, they met at the starting point. The hare yawned as the tortoise walked slowly. The hare decided to take a nap to relax his feet before the race.”Take your time,” the Hare said, “I will relax a bit and follow you shortly.” The hare fell asleep immediately and when he woke up, the tortoise was not around; the hare saw him a short distance from the starting point. This made the hare decide to go around and look for food before coming back for the race. He knew he would easily pass tortoise so he gave him some time. The next time Hare looked at the Tortoise, the tortoise was a short distance from the finish line, and even though the Hare tried to reach the finish line before him, he was not able and tortoise won the race. The tortoise turned to the Hare and said, “Slowly never fails”

The modifications made include omission of some words, which made the conversation less formal, examples squealed and trudged. Statements like” I don’t really agree with…..”, “in my opinion” have been used to make it a little courteous and polite.


Rackham, A. (1997).The Tortoise and the Hare. Childhood Reading.Com.