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Sample Paper on Critique of the book, “World War Z”

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Sample Paper on Critique of the book, “World War Z”


This study comprises a review of the book, “World War Z.” the book was produced by Max Brooks in 2006. It has been produced as a film in 2012. The main story is about apocalypse. The story is based on a character who had to go round the world to prevent the occurrence of a robot disaster.


            Written in a fictitious manner, the story revolves around the protagonist who is used to show the human and the robot strength in a fictitious manner. There are outbreaks of a disease, which eradicates humans. This disease reanimates the dead into living beings, the zombies. China is the first region to be affected by the disease. Because of inaccurate information, illegitimate medical profession, and government hiding, the disease spreads to the entire world. As the disease spreads, the entire world is taken by panic. The citizens of various nations then try to hide and flee from the zombies, as the military lays strategies to control their territories. The zombies on the contrary, are slow, stupid, and unconquerable. Due to the surprise, there is no modern weapon, which can sweep away the zombies. The only tactic is to obliterate the brains of the zombies. All humanity is over without a proper strategy of clearing the disease. 

            A man from south Africa comes up with a strategy of protecting a few humans in every country. The rest of the population is to be used as a bait. This plan, Redekar Plan, seems to eb inhumane but it is the only possible approach of managing the problem. In addition to this, the South African man is assumed to be more of a monster than a human being. This is attributed to the fact that he is unemotional towards the entire process. The governments try to safeguard the only small area while the zombies manage the rest. Eventually the military manage to control the world through fierce battle with the robots. However, human race is permanently tampered with.


            The story is revealed from both the first and the third person accounts. This gives much detail to the story. Political fraud and voracity is revealed. This is the reason for the increased rate at which the disease was spreading. The heroism and everlasting hardiness of the humans is revealed. The story ends triumphantly by the human taking back the control of the world through fierce battle with the zombies. Civilization and the pliability of the human race resonates better during hard times. As the robots fight the humans, the military come out strong to defend their race. The humans are willing to go through the inhuman method to secure their future (Brook, 102). In as much as the story is based on a fiction, the real root of war becomes known. The author has further highlighted the extent to which some people will go to triumph over hard times. This reality is a depiction of human power to survive.

            Written in an entertaining manner, the book captures the readers with its never-ending actions. The story starts with an extraordinary illness spreading to the entire world. The military are involved and plans to secure the human race increases more action. Actions are depicted all through the book until the zombies are entirely defeated. The author is highly creative and imaginative (Brook, 256). The fact that he comes up with a story, which has never happened, proves his creativity. Zombies are creatures that are alive in the human mind. Furthermore, the extent to which the disease is spreading the strategies set to safeguard the race of human being is highly imaginative. The person who reads is therefore entertained.

            On the other hand, this book is used to reveal the weakness of the governments. There is high level of corruption and human weaknesses. This results to lack of confidence on the government. Bureaucracy within the government further reduces the civilian confidence. As one of the characters cheats, the weakness of the government is highlighted, as the main purpose for lying is to reduce the rate of suspense experienced within the civilians. The author further highlights America’s isolationism. All through the story, the nations try to manage the problem to no success. Ultimately, the solution emanates from one of the weak countries. America in the story believes in itself and fails to realize that there are situations, which are beyond her solution. Through this weakness, America ought to comprehend that it has it strengths and weaknesses.

            Various themes feature in the book. There is the theme of continued existence, uncertainty, and fear. The theme of survival is highly prevalent in the story. Humans are struggling, both physically and emotionally to overcome the prevailing challenges. Homes and the nation in general is made to be secure of the zombies. In reality, there are various issues, which are threatening to succeed over the human race. Scientists, military, and the government lack rest as they are looking for solutions to manage zombie-like problems such as diseases, insecurity, and natural disasters.

Through the story, readers are able to manage their own anxiety about the end of this life. The presence of zombies is frightening to humans as they are uncontrollable and break every rule present. In the present age, there is high irrationality, suffering and lack of reasoning. The period is terrifying, yet human must deal with it.


            The story was based upon the protagonist who had to go round the world to prevent an occurrence of a robot disaster. The protagonist had to risk his life to find a cure or prevention against the attack of the robots. This book highlights the fear, uncertainty and survival instincts present in human beings. The story revolves around challenging periods where human must face the danger or become extinct. Through the perspectives of the first and the third person, the weaknesses of the present governments are highlighted. In as much as the story is based upon fiction, the theme within the story is true. Written in a period of great uncertainty, the zombies represent the present challenges human beings are facing. There is the fear of terrorism, diseases such as AIDS, economic instability, and natural disasters.









Work Cited

Brooks, Max. World War Z. New York: Crown. 2006. Print.


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Sample Paper on Critique of the book, “World War Z”

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Sample Paper on Critique of the book, “World War Z”

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Sample Paper on Critique of the book, “World War Z”

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