Sample Paper on Conference Proposal

As it is evident today, one of the most crucial factors affecting the human race on a global perspective is the issue of climate change and its direct or indirect implications on human life. Because of its enormous impacts, there rose the need for a deal that would legally bind over 195 nations across the globe on the global climate policies. Even though the Paris Climate Conference of 2015 December brought some light on this course, there is still much more that needs to be covered so as to ensure the dream of a universally safe environment is kept alive on the minds of those concerned. This conference will therefore be mainly concerned with enlightening members on what ought to be done in accordance with the Paris Climate Conference as well as discussing more matters including the emerging trends which are linked to global warming.

Due to the sophisticated and complex nature of the climate change agenda, the conference will be attended by various individuals and representatives of certain organizations.There will be 14 personnel from the Environmental Ministries of various states, 6 representatives of the civil society, 7 representatives of the private sector and 2 members to represent the local authorities. This is because each of the above sections has a vital role in as far as climate change is concerned.

The conference is scheduled to take place at the Intercontinental Hotel in New York since it is the central place for all the attenders and it is big enough to cover the proposed number of audience. The conference will be sponsored by the United Nations department of environment since it values the environment enough and I personally will demonstrate to them the importance of this conference in their office headquarters. We will use promotional material like brochures and fliers to publicize the conference.