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Sample Paper on Compare Zarathustra to Jesus

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Sample Paper on Compare Zarathustra to Jesus

 Give Three Ways They Are Similar. Give Three Ways in Which They Are Different

Zarathustra is similar to Jesus in many ways. One of the most common resemblances between Zarathustra and Jesus is that Zarathustra preached to the people. In addition, both Zarathustra and Jesus believed that baptism was a way to ensure eternal life “For all things are baptized at the font of eternity, and beyond good and evil” (Nietzsche, Part 3 “Before sunrise”). They are also similar in that they both love God. As a result, Zarathustra decides to focus on the people who were interested in separating themselves from the group. Like Zarathustra, Jesus focuses his teaching on his disciples.

However, the two differ in that Zarathustra, unlike Jesus, loves God but not men, whereas Jesus loves both men and God. “Now I love God; men I do not love. Man is a thing too imperfect for me. Love of men would be fatal to me” (Nietzsche, “Prologue 2”). Though Jesus finds men imperfect, he loves them anyway. At the beginning of his preaching, Zarathustra realizes that people do not understand him. Jesus performed many miracles during his life. For example, Jesus turned water into wine during a wedding festival at the city of Samaria. Zarathustra through his ministry life did not preform any miracles. Mary the mother of Jesus was with her son most of the time during his ministry. “And on the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee; and the mother of Jesus was there” (John 2: 1) Zarathustra’s mother is not mentioned through out his ministry life begging the question; did she actually exist?

  1. Zarathustra Says Jesus Would Have Renounced Much of What He Said if He Had Lived Longer. What Are Some Reasons He Might Give for Saying This?

Zarathustra is harsh in his criticism for mass movements, especially Christianity. He believes that Christianity is based on hatred of the Earth and of the body. He believes that Christianity denies both spirit and eternity. According to Zarathustra, Christianity is a means of escape for those who are too weak to embrace the struggle in the world. Undeniably, Jesus’ doctrine is based on Christianity. Jesus preached Christianity as a way of eliminating hatred. Christian teachings are grounded on love. However, Zarathustra argues that Christianity is for the weak who cannot face the worldly struggles.

Zarathustra speaks of how Christianity has corrupted the earth. “The holy water have they poisoned with their lustfulness; and when they called their filthy dreams delight, then poisoned they also the words” (Nietzsche,“The rabble”). Jesus’ ministry was about loving people of all backgrounds despite their prejudices, race or sins. Jesus despised prejudices but used instead to show that good prevailed past prejudices. At the wedding in Samaria, Jesus told the woman “though she should refuse him the small favor for which he asked because he was a Jew, yet he was ready to confer far greater benefits on her though Samaritan” (“The book of John”, 2)

  1. Compare the Teachings of Zarathustra to the Ideas We Have Discussed on Buddhism. Specifically, Refer to the Texts We Have Read This Term From the Buddhist Forest Tradition to the Teaching of Zarathustra. Discuss Three Ways in Which They Are Similar. Also, Discuss at Least Two Ways in Which There Are Important Differences. 

The Buddhist Forest Tradition is grounded on the fact that the mind precedes the universe. In order to achieve awakening, those practicing this tradition should eradicate defilement of the mind. This is done through meditation especially in a quiet forest. The purpose of the forest tradition is to experience the absolute dimension of the mind. Similar to the Buddhist Forest Tradition, Zarathustra’s teachings are based on the importance of struggle and hardship to reach the Overman. Zarathustra’s struggles to climb the mountain and staying in a cave are equivalent to Buddha’s solitude of self-realization journey. Both Zarathustra and Buddhist’s believe in life after death and in heaven “When Zarathustra was thirty years old, he left his home and the lake of his home, and went into the mountains. There he enjoyed his spirit and solitude, and for ten years did not weary of it” (Nietzsche, “prologue 1”).

Zarathustra was from Persia while Buddha was from India. Both Zarathustra and Buddha had different perceptions of life. The Buddhist Forest tradition identifies human suffering to stem from human desire and that following an eightfold path can end this suffering. Unlike Zarathustra, the Buddhist Forest tradition does not believe in hell. The doctrine of the Buddhist Forest tradition is based on reincarnation. Buddhist believe that after death, people are reincarnated and the things one does in this life will affect them in the next life. Zarathustra’s concept of life after death is different from The Buddhists Forest Tradition concept in that Zarathustra believes in life after death but not reincarnation as the Buddhist. Zarathustra believed that after death, the good would go to heaven and the evil would go to hell. The Buddhist Forest tradition holds that after death, the good will be reincarnated in higher level than when they lived while the evil will be reincarnated in lower level than when they lived and might even come back as animals.

  1. How Do Teachings of Individual People Alter the Way Humans Think of Themselves and Their Purpose? Specifically, Why Should Anyone Care About the Teachings of Any Other Single Person (Heraclitus, Siddhartha, Jesus, Nietzsche/Zarathustra)? How Do These Men Offer Salvation? Why Do People Look for Teachings From Someone Else to Find Salvation?  What Are We Being Saved From?

The teachings of others offer insights of how we should live our lives. Human beings are often flawed and require teachings of others to supply them with guidelines. Jesus offers a human road map on the need for salvation, love, and belief in eternity. Christians have always used the teachings of Jesus as a moral code for their behavior. “Christians come to scripture to hear God’s voice. They want to hear and do God’s Word” (Joel, 13). Jesus’ doctrine is based on loving others, seeing beyond prejudice and avoiding evil. All these teachings are important to Christians because they find their meaning and purpose for life in Jesus’ teachings. Christians live their lives in a way to please Jesus and obey all his teachings. By being Disciples of Christ, their purpose for life is defined. Zarathustra calls upon his followers to avoid evil. He also encourages his followers to seek baptism as means to salvation and seeking eternal life. “For all things are baptized at the font of eternity” (Nietzsche, Part 3 “before sunrise”). Zarathustra’s followers will therefore live their life avoiding evil and seeking good so as to go to heaven.

The Buddhist eightfold path involves avoiding killing, stealing, lying and other forms of violence. Buddhists are therefore likely to avoid acts of violence, lying and stealing. Buddhism teaches that human desire is the root of all problems. Buddhists are therefore inclined to live life without being selfish. Heraclitus introduced everlasting word-Logos(Fragments ofHeraclitus, B1). According to Logos, all things are equal in some sense and even though opposites are necessary, they are made equal in system where there are balanced exchanges. Heraclitus teaches human beings to respect diversity and accept equality. Through Heraclitus, human beings are more likely to live life respecting diversity and appreciating difference instead of seeing it as a barrier. For example, Heraclitus’ teachings would be important in eliminating racism.



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Sample Paper on Compare Zarathustra to Jesus

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Sample Paper on Compare Zarathustra to Jesus

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