Sample Paper on Black Lives Matter Vs. All/Blue Lives Matter

From the previous discussion, the argument was the discrimination and mistreatments against the black Americas by the police. The argument focus on the two opposing side, but at the end it gives more weight to the discrimination against the black America by the police due to the harsh conditions police face in protecting the blacks. It is not that the blacks are against the sovereignty of the American Anthem or flag, but they feel that the American soldiers fight for freedom only benefits a few in the society(Zimmerman npag)..

The all blue movement in countering the argument claims that the quarter black movement advocates for a single ethnic group in the country. They back up the argument by blaming the quarter black movement of the extra judicial killings of innocent law enforcing officers. Furthermore, the blue movement argues that the police cannot treat black and white offenders differently (Satlinnpag).

Both sides have very strong claims and believe that one must be tempted to incline on one side. After a deep evaluation of both sides, it would only be fair not to take any side of this two disagreeing parties. The best way is to understand that every citizen has a right to protection against any security threat. Be it black or white an individual must also take responsible for their crimes. Therefore been the police job to maintain and enforce the law it would be unfair to blame a white officer who arrests a violet black criminal for discrimination or being racist(Moore npag).

As network security personnel the argumentative skills applies when there are contemptuous issues within the field. For instance, it would be unwise to make any judgments as to who is responsible for attacking a system without enough evidence. Therefore, in the current and future career, to keep professionalism and not offend anyone, listening to both sides of the argument is important before picking a side or finding the solution.


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