Sample Paper on Agriculture: Easy After 10,000 Years?


In the world today, the complex methods of food preparation and use among citizens make it look like the food available is not enough to feed all a society’s members. With adequate supply, the poor distribution methods have resulted in over 3 billion people suffering from different food-related maladies, ranging from hunger and malnutrition to obesity. The manner in which individuals utilize food in the world is a matter of great concern.

Composition and consumption
  1. Basic requirements; food and water
  2. Utilization of nutrients; generate energy for body use
  3. Increased intake of food rich in proteins; large amounts of meat and dairy products
  4. Depreciation of food supply; due to increased demand
  5. Increased consumption of cereals; hefty amount of calories for consumers


  • Increased levels of meat use, escalating the demand for the products
  • Limited space for rearing; the need for expansion resulting to enhanced stipulation for land
  • unwarranted pressure on natural resources; a large amount of resources needed for the production of this food


  • Uneven distribution in the entire population, some suffering from hunger while others are overweight
  • Compromise of future generations’ wellbeing; increase demand while decreasing production
  • Uneven supply of the natural resources; drought inflicted areas
Waste management
  • Renewable natural resources; sun cannot be manipulated to fit desired ratio, soil can be ruined
  • Unpredictable technological changes; no prior testing
  • Wide gap between the populations and the renewable resources; variations on dependability
Causes of the lack of food
  • Increased demand; continued increase of the population
  • Low soil fertility; reducing production due to degradation
  • Fluctuating water supply; reducing the resources needed for supply