Sample Paper on A Good Man is Hard to Find

 A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor takes readers through a family’s road trip that is ended by their murder.  A person would call a woman a lady to mean that she is a respectable person in society. The term lady is used to show respect to women in society. A woman is called a lady from the way she behaves and the clothes she wears. Nice people refer to individuals that have good manners. Nice people respect other in society and are usually helpful.  Gentleman refers to a courteous male person. Gentleman may also refer to a male person that likes to assist to other people.

The story illustrates the manner in which personalities change on Grandmother. The story is disturbing because Grandmother does not plead for the lives of the rest of the family. She tries to convince Misfit that he could not kill an old woman. She was clearly pleading for her life. Grandmother acted as if she was concerned about the wellbeing of the children before they embarked on the trip. Grandmother says that her conscience would not allow her to let something bad to happen. Comic is created when Grandmother claims that a boy ate her watermelon because it had the initials E.A.T.

Grandmother is a woman who considers herself to be righteous than the other characters. Grandmother rebukes John for not being respectful. The mother appears to be a silent character because she does not speak a lot. June Star is considered as a woman who is not afraid to say what she thinks. Grandmother is the main character because she directs many events in the story. Grandmother could have avoided the accident if she had not snuck the cat in the car.