Sample Paper Assignment on Analysis of Amazon Website

Amazon has been the leading e-commerce website since it was established in the year 1995 (Depot Staff 1). However, its success is not because it is in the right place (internet) but promoted by the strategies that it uses to sell to the people. Most people have mentioned that their shopping experience at Amazon is amazing because the company has features that make the entire experience wonderful.

When you visit the Amazon website, the home page is welcoming with the search engine that allows you to look for any product that you want. It means that identifying the product that you want has been made easy by the website. The shopping cart also enables a person to save any product that they wish to purchase in future especially if they do not have the money on their credit card at that particular moment.  The card is in a picture form of the shopping trays that people are used to seeing in the supermarkets thus it is easy to identify it when you want to look for a particular product on the website.

At the same time, apart from conducting purchase, Amazon gives people the chance to sell their products. Any seller can easily process their online products and post it on the website as they await any order from online customers. The rhetorical situation whereby people think that the cookies on the page prevent you from conducting proper shopping is not true. They help to keep people logged in as long as possible while at the same time enabling the sellers to track their shopping habits and the things they have saved on the store (Depot Staff 1).

In summary, Amazon is an amazing place to conduct your online shopping. It is easy to find products and at the same time sell anything that you want. The cookies which most people may think are not effective helps keep you logged in as long as possible.


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