Sample Essay Paper on Women in Work Place

Women and work place has been a major topic in the 21stcentury as efforts are made to bring about gender equality in the workplace. Based on the current world politics, world businesses and entirely the whole world of reality, women in work place continue to raise questions of both leadership, social gander and education based values. The topic links itself to several disciplines of gender, politics and the whole of human genre. For instance, one cannot talk of a country without mentioning the country as a “she” furthermore you cannot talk of population without mentioning the female and males (Cleaver 23). It is from this gender based social issues that we relate to demographical composition of the population and to the number of the women currently in educational institutions and finally the expected jobs ratio between women and men. Moreover, the topic encompasses the social life of the humanity and the race of humanity. The topic seeks to address mostly how women are perceived in the current world and how they are viewing themselves. This study shades light to how women are today (Cleaver 23).

Women are less represented in most of the corporation work place in the United States. In the recent data of the Mskinsey, it will take about 90 years for women to rise in the corporate positions as compared to men in the US (Rhode 2016). This has directly led to gender imbalance in the work places across the country. This means that more women are needed to arise at corporate positions to help address the shortage of their numbers. For example, in the pipeline field positions, the women numbers are more at very minor or normal entry levels and the number decreases as the superiority in leadership positions increases. The study carried out by McKinney,indicates that the number of women compared to men in the pipeline field declined in percentage from 45% to 16% in the leadership positions (Rhode 2016).This comes at a time when women are direly needed to be role models in the societies of the world. The report clearly shows that women are not much aggressive when it comes to leadership position in the work place.

It is of great importance to understand that the lack of a significant number of women in the leadership position is not only a challenge but a disease rooting into many work place positions. In addition, the study indicates why perhaps Hillary Clinton was not elected as the next president of the US. These reasons provethat there are only few women at the top leadership positions. In general, the study can demarcate that women are less aggressive to leadership since they are few and less presented at high levels of power. Finally, the study can easily relate to most fields of politics, economy and employment sector.  In the economic verge, if the women number is increased in the leadership positions, it will boost the morale of other women aspiring for leadership positions in workplaces and even the political field. The women in the work places when mobilized at various offices and in work places will give more ideal role of being look up to in the society hence leading to women empowerment in terms of rise in leadership places. The women and society cannot be separated but can only merged for the rise of other female to gain ground and stand in leadership.



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