Sample Essay Paper on What’s Your Number?


                        After my graduation, Dr. Peterson, my uncle, has offered to pay all of my expenses that would run for a whole year. He is willing to let me live in California State. Here, I will be paying bills and mortgage. He is willing to pay for the following: Housing, transportation, food, entertainment and miscellaneous. For housing, I have been given the freedom to choose whichever house I desire (Bilton, 2014). For me, my house must have a fully furnished living room, kitchen, two bk2edrooms, one of which would become the master bedroom, well decorated balconies, postmodern bathroom. This is likely to cost around $200,000. This is the housing amount that would comfortably take me through the whole.

When it comes to transportation, I prefer a private car. This is because it would be convenient then in that I would go anywhere I want at any time. Following this, I would go for a Chevrolet Trailblazer. This would go for $80,000. For food, I would visit grocery shops regularly and take my meals partly in restaurants. My lunch hour meals would therefore become more expensive. This might be so since I would visit high end café’s and hotels. Approximately, my spending on food alone is likely to trail at $35, 000. My entertainment on the other hand involves going for clubs and high end parties. Here, I am likkely to spend $50, 000. Lastly, my other expenses, miscellaneous would involve such things like medical emergencies and other unplanned shopping.


To be begin with, choosing the kind of housing to live in depends with the available amount of money and the desires of that particular person. I have always had dreams of living in a home that would provide the maximum peace for the mind. This ranges from the number of rooms, thk8e type of surrounding and the state at which it is maintained. For the rooms, a good living room should be stuffed with leather coaches, a cozy floor mat and an extensive entertainment system: A television set and a music system. The leather coaches are likely to cost a higher value. For the television set I, would need a 4k ultra HD 75” smart TV from SONY company. This would provide one of the best watching experience. This is because it is also 3D enable where I will have to experience virtual reality. The balconies should be strategically position to give a beautiful and clear view of the surrounding. It should be somewhere where you can relax your mind and body. The home should be fenced with high wall and electric wires at the very top. This is quite expensive for security but worth it in the long run (Belk, 2014). Generally, my housing would cost around, $200,000.


Transport entails such things as getting to place of work or meeting friends at different places and times. For instance, I would be required to arrive at the work place at the right time each business day. This means that I would require a reliable source. This is so because I would also wish to travel to any place during the weekends or holidays. One of such places includes travelling home to visit family members. This would cost a lot of money if I were using a public means. For this reason, I would choose to travel in a Chevrolet Trailblazer. This car costs much but is perfect in speed, stability and class. Furthermore, I would wish to consider space whereby I can be able to take out my friends for parties and other social events. At the same time, I am able to have the family in the car for a treat. This means that a larger space would be necessary (Vogel, 2014). This type of car provides that. Other means of transportation would include air transport for long distance and or international destinations. For air transport, I would have to pay for a ticket within the business class. It would avail me some experience that would be different. When all these are combined, then I am likely to spend $100,000. This will comprise the price of the car, fueling costs and air transport tickets.


Food is as well important. Difference sets in when it comes to the type of food and the place at which you take your food. My food would involve homemade meals and paid meals that I would take in restaurants and hotels. Given the offer that I received from my uncle, I had the chance of taking healthy meals that normally go for higher prices. For instance, I would have lots of food kitchen. Both fresh and long lasting. I would then prepare meals and take them. This however applies on weekends only. Therefore, lots of my meals will take place outdoors in high end restaurants. Generally, my food would cost around $35,000.


Entertainment ranges from car racing to partying. All of them are social gatherings that would attract groups of people who would interact. For me, I would choose to party almost every weekend. This means that Iwould be using a lot of money on drinks and tickets. In addition, other outdoor entertainments like swimming and horse riding would cost differently. In the event that social sharing has turned into a vital part of the amusement encounter, then the visual sidekicks, for example, Instagram, Vine, Viddy and the like, raise this association to a fine art. A great many visual social overhauls are shared regularly as buyers try to redesign their companions with a visual record of their occupied social lives. 150 million pictures are taken by buyers every day on the Snapchat organize (Gentile, 2014). Also, no big surprise, recordings are 12 times more than connections and content posts on Facebook. This means that I would also be spending more on social media. Therefore, the approximate cost for my entertainment for a whole year would be 50,000.


These are costs that are incurred accidentally rather unplanned. Such situations as medical emergencies, helping out friends financially and picking extra commodities while shopping, would require an extra amount of money. In general, these expenses are those that arise unexpectedly. Here, I am likely to spend $8,000.


In conclusion, living such a life would cost much. However, every single item or service would be equally important. Having a safe house and luxurious house allows one to have the peace of mind they desire and the kind of life they have always dreamt. A good view is important as well as a beautifully trimmed environment. This means that the compound should look good. Other sectors as food, transport, entertainment and miscellaneous follow after someone has had a nice home. In total my number would be, $393,000.




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