Sample Essay Paper on Summary Report

Architecture has experienced a shift from the Dionysian period of the 1960s, having countercultural utopianism, to the Apollonian in the 1980s, having the neo-classical post-modernism, and then to the present Dionysian obsession with intricate, sophisticated, and computer-produced designs.

In the course of history, massive and outstanding architecture have influenced cities, driven programs, and made many onlookers astonished. The Walker Art Center sought to assess the climatic, societal, and structural status with the establishment of a 17-acre college grounds. Moreover, there was an attempt of getting Walker from its case and generate inventive illustrational, drama and media arts both across the region and internationally.

Howard, Kathy, and Richard engaged in discussions regarding the objectives and expertise of a nearly 68 million plan. They sought to shun traditional museum policies, which makes architecture an art’s sanctuary. Kathy affirmed that the building ought to offer a place for the convergence of every person and notion while reflecting a collection of ideas across the globe.

The Wounded Warrior Home Project seeks to boost the excellence of life tremendously for a high number of soldiers (both male and female) returning from active service. The design of this home project incorporates a linear floor arrangement that offers the most favorable maneuverability for wounded soldiers confined in wheelchairs. The project was intended to boost adaptability with the aim of assisting the warriors with disabilities and their family members cope with the physical, emotional, and psychological difficulties of changing to the new ways of life while upholding their dignity. Components in the design, for instance, improved garage to offer room for vans having lifts and the whole compound providing the ease for a soldier on a wheelchair to move about, create a hindrance-free environment devoid of making advertisements that the house is meant for the accommodation of physically challenged people.