Sample Essay Paper on Speaking My First and Second Languages

My first language is German while my second is English. Learning English has helped me to experience the world events from different perspectives. I have noted that I feel differently when I speak English and German at various times. Learning English took time and dedication. Once I became fluent, I found that my social life became more exciting as I was able to interact with more people and articulate my ideas. My first language has also been beneficial in different social settings mostly because it has offered practical and aspirational benefits. When I speak in either language, I have a different experience.

Whenever I speak in German, I notice that my attitude is not as positive and high as when I speak in English. I am proud of having German as my first language, but the English language brings out a sense of confidence in me because I feel it is an achievement that I am proud of. The English language keeps me more engaged than the German language because it helps me to be more articulate and express my mind even more to the satisfaction of my colleagues. The German language tends to limit my ability to express myself, but it provides a rich source of vocabulary which I use with people who understand it. Whereas the English language has opened up a new world, the German language acts as the channel.


Learning English has helped me to improve on my first language because it has provided new insight into my language. I have a high confidence when I speak in English, and my peers are always looking forward to our meetings. English has provided me with an alternative vision of the world while German has helped me to understand more vocabulary. To say the least, the two languages have been complementary in my life, but English has had a huge positive influence on my attitude and confidence.