Sample Essay Paper on Responses

Frank disagrees that we should not exploit the natural resources for progress in minor things, as this will generate problems to the current and future generations of the population. According to him, clearing the vegetation and trees with the intention of progress would harm humans and animals to the extent of dying off, and stimulating global warming. He affirms his case with plants as an example of how a plant as a natural resource acts as food to the animals that are later eaten by the population. When trees are brought to the ground, animals will starve and the human beings will suffer tremendously. He summarizes by saying that exploiting natural resources for progress has more negative effects than positive ones.

On the contrary, Madeline agrees that natural resources can be exploited for progress but cautions that this should be done in a more constructive way; a social and scientific progress that will not lead the natural environment and resources to extinction. She gives an example in history where the natural resources were used in the west to bring the progress of civilization and industrial development. She believes that progress means improving the living standards of the people, and scientific discoveries, which do not require exploitation of resources. However, if they may involve natural resources, then this should be a minimal exploitation. As evident in the past years, Madeline notes that there has been a greater civilization and scientific discovery without exploitation of the natural resources. Examples of such progress include planting crops around trees without unnecessarily cutting them down, and poly-culture both of which have considerably preserved and conserved the environment. She concludes by indicating that the US citizens have found more ways of growing food in the nature rather than conquering nature to see progress