Sample Essay Paper on Ransomware

Question One

Ransomware refers to a computer malware, which blocks individual computers, smartphones, and wearable devices, executes cryptovirology and demands ransom payment to decrypt the files without publishing them (Mofat 1).

Question Two

In the case study by Moffat, the perpetrators were unidentified as sensitive information concerning the perpetrators and the specific organization were removed to protect the identification of the organization. However, the attack came in form of a vendor invoice.

Question Three

The crime was against a medical practice

Question Four

A Cryptolocker hit the practice and rendered it inoperable for days, thereby crippling its technology for at least a week. The attack got through the computers through an email attachment that seemed to come from a vendor invoice. It encrypted the files, practice’s network that was accessible through mapped connections. Responding to the attack, the practice went for scheduling, clinic notes, and prescriptions. The IT department transferred a backup data, and the server, to replace the former. Thereafter, data was cleaned with antivirus software, and settings and polices replaced. The practice had to report to the security personnel with soft copy and hard copy proofs. IT service provider had to be hired to upgrade the antivirus software to run and clean all incoming emails.

Question Five

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Question Six

To prevent the attack, the antivirus software had to be updated and an email filter upgraded to run incoming emails.

Question Seven

To avoid being a victim of Ransomware, it is necessary that I lock down main accounts, and update firewall and antivirus software. In addition, I ought to equip myself with backing up data and ensure that the backups are not connected to the networks they are backing up.




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