Sample Essay Paper on Movie Analysis

In the clip by Todd Pedersen, there is vivid presentation of a number of factors that influences the courses of success within the context of an organization and at individual levels. Among the key considerations presented is the need to project the outcomes that are desired then putting every aspect to influence the possible results. Again the speaker begin his speech by giving the audience information about his personal life then play great role in making them be part of the conversation. His daily scheduled that comes out to be highly programmed is use to reflect on the kind of programs that should be adopted in businesses.

Another aspects that becomes clear in the opening statements of the speech is direct link personal lives of persons to possible results expected at work places. Through statement of individual relationships, there is ease to link these situations to organization setting. A catchy introduction is used that gives the movie a perfect begin.Fro the images of riders seen at the beginning of the clip, the speaker present perfect analogy with the general focus that business persons should have in heir operations. Through these analogies, there is better understanding on how businessshould be driven with utmost focus.

In the conclusioin of the speech, various persons pauses questions that becomes critically in the general understanding of the whole speech. Different concerns and insight are raised through the questions that are manifestation of good listening among the audience. Generally, a balanced life is placed in the speech to important for the business environment for all the players. Through this person will be able to achieve their set personal and organization goals.