Sample Essay Paper on Introduction to the Theatre

I recently watched a play Big love at the University theatre. The play is quite informative as it retells the ancient Greek culture in a comical way. From the setting, it is evident those women were inferior to men and that the society, in general, was chauvinistic. This is the basis of the runaway sisters from their cousins turned husbands. Besides the culture, I have acquired some skills pertaining staging and designing of the play. It is necessary to set the stage according to the scene for the flow of the themes. Even though there were fifty brides fleeing from fifty not-of-their-choosing grooms, only seven of them appear on stage at any one time. This was especially so after setting the theme of the play in addition to defining the behavior of every character. As a student in theatre design, I have learned different aspects of lighting and scenic design. The customs worn must be compatible with the behavior of characters in the play. Compatibility is additionally necessary for the development of personalities and attitudes for every character. I deeply enjoyed every aspect of the film and lessons I was taught in class prior to watching the film. From the lessons, I have come to appreciate the fact that every movie offers an opportunity to create personal perspective and interests. Consequently, even though the theme focused on love, I came to realize the role of gender in the ancient Greek culture.

From class work, apart from entertainment, every play is set for a given audience. This lesson was so much profound in the play since it was useful in educating the audience on cultural modifications in various cultures while underscoring the Greek culture. I have acquired additional lessons on theatre and film production from the play Big Love. I have realized that play production is a rigorous exercise and quite exhilarating. This is especially so after attending classes and comparing the skills, I am presently equipped with and the concrete skills exhibited on the play. It is necessary to choose characters for a particular position and with precise behavior. For instance, Lydia comes out as the first born among the sisters and so the most thoughtful. This realization has challenged me to broaden my experiences as I strive to acquire specific skills in theatre design. The most significant lesson I have acquired is the necessity of introducing culture to every play.

The film, Big Love, is among the few conventional romantic films I have enjoyed watching in the recent past. This is because it is beautiful, animated, fun, and emotional. Stop Kiss is another romantic film that was rewritten to suit the present period and audience. The film, similar to Big Love is so touching as it retells the relationship between two young lovers that negatively live to detest romantic relations, especially after their first kiss. Other than entertaining the audience, these films honor different cultures. For instance, the film on Big Love honors the Greek culture in a comical way. The playwright, Charles Mee, has in addition done some wonderful work by incorporating aspects of religion, culture, and background into the present contemporary romance. This work is written cleverly to introduce some aspects of Greek culture in the modern theatre. Music as a component had been chosen skillfully to suit the theme in each setting. From personal experience, music is a powerful tool in theatre production, since it profoundly contributes to the theme of the play. Music in most of the romantic films is usually controlled and orchestrated by the players.