Sample Essay Paper on Introduction to Electrical Engineering

I am an undergraduate student from Saudi Arabia and I have been in West Virginia University for the last three years. My area of interest is Electrical Engineering. I have different hobbies that have shaped my life. They include research, swimming, reading and playing volleyball. Also, I am self-motivated, honest, and hardworking. I have excellent communication skills and I highly regard codes of conducts in everything I do.

Electrical Engineering has always been my dream career and that is why I am so glad to be pursuing it. My passion to become an electrical engineer in Saudi Arabia started when I was 7 years old. I used to look for dead phones, radios thrown in the garbage and would try to fix them. It was this passion that drove me to pick this program three years ago at WVU. The huge petroleum sector which plays an indispensable role in Saudi economy needs thousands of electrical technical support staff to run efficiently. I am committed to work as an engineer in this sector.

My favorite class at West Virginia University was ENG 101 due to its eloquent communication. I was brought up in countries where English was a native language before moving back to Saudi Arabia. This shaped my level of fluency and language proficiency in English. Chemistry 115 was my least favorite class while at the University because I never enjoyed it in high school. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I plan to join one of the oil mining companies as a technical support staff. Throughout this course, I have gained expertise and knowledge through class work and practical classes which have certainly prepared me to be a competent electrical engineer.