Sample Essay Paper on Compare and Contrast

Elderly people in the elderly care homes usually feel contented when family members and other visitors approach them for a chat. Having worked as a volunteer in such an environment, I understand their needs and frustrations. However, elderly people may become lonely and bored, particularly when they do not receive visitors, as they would prefer to. This is because family members may be quite busy to pay a visit, or are too far from the elderly care homes. To eradicate boredom and loneliness, I have decided to teach them how to communicate with their friends and relatives using social media sites.

I have proposed to the director of the elderly care home that I would teach the elderly about using Facebook and Twitter, since the two social media sites are quite popular and easy to use. Facebook is quite popular for chatting and sharing ideas with their family members and friends. Facebook would allow the elderly to chat online with relatives and friends, as long as they are also online. Even if friends are not online, they can still receive information once they are online. Registering for Facebook is free, as all what is required is a laptop or a desktop connected to Internet. The elderly can also use their mobile phones to access the site.  Smartphones and tablets have become affordable to many people; hence, most family members can afford to buy them for the elderly so that they can enhance their communication while away from each other.

Another popular social media site is Twitter, which allows users to send, as well as read messages, commonly known as tweets. Twitter allows its users to inform their followers on what is happening in real-real time. Users can send and receive information from friends through an SMS. It enables users to create friends, as users are only required to follow their friends without necessarily wait for a confirmation. Twitter users can send photos, videos, and file to their followers at any time. Most media stations are on Twitter; hence, elders can receive updates of what is happening globally through Twitter. The only restriction on Twitter is that users cannot post messages that exceed 140 characters.

In my opinion, the most appropriate social media site for the elderly is Facebook because it is quite easy to use. Users can communicate about anything using the site. Facebook allows users to post long stories, thus, enabling receivers to understand information in details, as there is no limitation on the number of characters. Most elderly people have personal physicians who usually direct them on how to remain healthy. Being in Facebook would allow the elderly to receive information from physicians without necessarily visiting them. Users can send photos, upload photo, and play numerous games using Facebook apps. Elderly people can also have the opportunity to reconnect with old workmates and friends, as they can recognize them through their profile pictures.

Social media sites have become critical in communication, and elderly care homes should permit the elderly to utilize them to communicate their needs to family members and friends. The elderly should be taught how to utilize numerous social media sites to eradicate boredom and connect to their friends when they are far from them. When an elderly person needs to communicate with family members who are far away from the center, he/she can utilize Facebook, since it enables users to send and receive messages, photos, and files on time. The elderly can join pages that are of interest to them, in addition to playing various games using Facebook apps.