Sample Essay Paper on a Deaf Son Video Writing Assignment

    1. A) What type of hearing loss did Thomas have?

    He was born with a hearing problem and he could not hear nor speak. He was classified as profoundly deaf. This was therefore a sensorineural hearing loss.

    1. B) Was he a candidate for a cochlear implant? Why or why not?

    Cochlear implant was not appropriate for Thomas because he had high frequency hearing as the mother explains. This was developed after a series of tests that were performed on their son.

    1. There are many communication options described in the video.  Describe one advantage and one disadvantage of:


    • American Sign Language.

    American Sign Language is a visual language that is used by the people who are deaf. The ASL is an easier way for people to communicate not just among themselves but also with others who do not have hearing problems. It is therefore an easy way for the deaf community to communicate with others.

    A disadvantage of this is that when a hearing person wants to communicate with a deaf person then they will need a translator if they cannot ‘sign’. This makes it limited to only those who can read the signs or actually use them.


    • Oral methods like cued speech or speech therapy with Cochlear Implants.

    One advantage of oral methods is that people who are deaf especially children can develop speech during their early ages since speech is mostly developed between the ages of 3 to 6. This would allow them to make decision on which method they would like to use afterwards as they could decide to use both if they so desire.

    A disadvantage is the people who are deaf do not have the opportunity to express themselves unlike those who use the sign language. The word might also not be very clear when they speak since they speak as they hear.


    1. A) Explain the different perspectives of Thomas’ mother and father regarding a communication option for Thomas.

    Thomas’ mother wanted him to be normal, travel the world freely and be able to communicate with others without the need of an interpreter. According to her she wanted her son to be normal and not be regarded as a deaf person. His father on the other hand wanted their son to be in a position that he would express himself freely. The father wanted them to explore other options that would enable Thomas relate better with them and the world.


    1. B) What did Thomas’ parents decide in the end regarding a communication option for Thomas?

    In the end Thomas’ parents decided that it is better for their son to learn both oral and sign methods of communication.


    1. A) What is meant by Deaf culture (as described in the video)? (Be complete!)

    People who are deaf have their beliefs, heroes, mores, history, language and pretty much a unique way of life.  For example Gallaudet University which is considered the capital of the deaf community portrays this culture very well that if a person who is not deaf goes there then they are the ones who are seen as ‘not normal’.


    1. B) Use chapter 3 of No Pity to explain how well practices that Thomas’ parents engage in align with Deaf culture.

    Thomas parents allows him to have the freedom to decide on the best way of communication when he grows up. They also support Thomas by learning sign language so that they can communicate effectively with their son.


    1. Describe one scene, piece of information, or quote from the video that you will remember and explain why it was meaningful or interesting to you.

    ‘Their pride is not in being deaf but in being able to do so much despite their deafness’. This meant much to me because it did not only make sense to me but also inspired me as a person. It makes me feel that deafness is not a barrier to achieve greatness and that people can achieve anything they set their minds to.