Sample Essay on Writing Aspects for International Students

Part 1

Cultural diversity is an important aspect in writing. It determines the type and quality of writing, particularly when considering the case of international students in America. The political values and education differ across countries and this would replicate in the student’s writing and would present a grading rubric challenge, for example, American curriculum encourages research in writing while some countries’ curriculum detests research; students are expected to write what they are taught, not what they envision or research.

Part 2

Writing styles differ across countries and would present a challenge for international students. For Americans, short concise sentences are recommended and punctuation is used as an aid in transmitting the message. For most international students, they are accustomed to long sentences as a way to establish the rapport with the reader and punctuation can be used as a visual beautification tool.

Part 3

There are strategies that can be employed to help the international students. Time is important in tests. The teachers could structure their tests to engage thoughtful response which takes more time. They could motivate the international students to develop their skills.

Write one or two sentences you might use in the introduction of your summary. These one or two sentences must include main points of the video.

Cultural perspectives offer a significant impact in writing.

American essays have a standard writing style, different from that of international students.

Write a response to this video in which you describe a personal experience that relates to information in the video. (50-100 words)

Being an international student is an uphill task. One has to learn the new writing and grammar styles so different from yours. You are also expected to align your perspective to the local environment which does not seem any familiar. Coupled with the strict stereotype professor, your grades are bound to suffer as he/she expects you to present the assignment in the standard local format. The first few months will be a struggle, but with a lot of practice and support from the teacher, your writing skills will improve remarkably.

Write a response to this video in which you suggest an application. What can students or professors do to solve the problem. (50-100 words)

The professors should consider cultural disparages in their class when setting the tests. This would bring a level grading rubric that should be based on the message transmitted by the writer rather than on the style and grammar. The professors can interact with the international students to know more on their cultures and perspectives to guide them when assigning/marking the tests.

Write a response in which you give the several reasons for why you agree/disagree with a specific point in this essay. (50-100 words)

Cultural diversity determines one’s writing perspectives. The different cultural backgrounds determine the level of freedom accorded to the person(s) and this would be depicted by the amount of information given by a writer about a political or social theme. It would also determine the quality of writing style as some cultures do not uphold citation in writing as American cultures do.