Sample Essay on Vickie Miller

  • Led the staff in executing and implementing all transformation initiatives and other organizational instructions
  • Collaborating with other leaders to organize for the training of the staff
  • Resolved intra-personal and extra-personal conflicts within the organization
  • Ensured all the logistic procedures and processes are executed within the company.
  • Led in creativity and innovation within the marketing section: Created a powerpoint presentation on the Life Cycle of an Order” for the sales representatives.
  • Managed to improve the services of the company through creativity and innovation
  • Created standards and metrics, which enhanced the performance of the logistics coordinators
  • Prepared and organized daily reports, which were presented to the logistics manager for identified corrective measures.
  • Analyzed the outstanding orders from the customers for action
  • Ensured that the goods were professionally and successfully availed to the customers
  • Offer feedback on diverse issues to the customers
  • Administered payroll and annual evaluations
  • In charge of monitoring status of the orders, preparation of the appointments with the customers, and ascertaining effective trailer pool at the point of pick up
  • Carrying out tendering of loads to the clients through Mars Company Routing Guide
  • Coordinating with the transporters on arising matters
  • Control labor schedule and make adjustments as needs arise
  • Highlight information on the billing process as required by the corporate office
  • Managing original startups for NFI in various client locations
  • Resolution of transport problems
  • Documenting logistics for measurement and efficiency
  • Communicated effectively with the clients, administrators and other service providers
  • Ensure Quality assurance is maintained
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Hard work
  • Perseverance
  • Highly Organized in accomplishing roles
  • Good time manager
  • Innovative
  • State champion in track activities
  • Champion in field events
  • Gained integrity through perseverance and hard work
  • As a Military Police managed to persevere in the battle field
  • Alert at all times
  • Ready to fight insurgents
  • Overcame the strict exercise
  • Ready to carry on difficult activities
  • Protecting the convoys
  • Patrolled the streets
  • Despite being female, I assumed the position of a gunner in most of the fights against the insurgents
  • Overcame the field stroke activities
  • As a female, I rose to be the among the best in the Large Breast Strokes
  • Valued the military work ethics, integrity, and discipline
Key Accomplishments:
  • Received “NFI Greenback Award” in recognition of $25K cost savings turnaround in the month of September 2004
  • Received the “NFI Award of Excellence” for participating in the Project of the Year in February 2004