Sample Essay on Trip to Mars

It was one of those blazing days of the summer. Thinking that I was the earliest riser that day, I was surprised to find my uncle sitting at the dining table as he finished what anyone could term a heavy breakfast. He was so quick to pour scorn on me with his remarks that sleeping was my biggest hobby. He was not wrong, though; it was the day I woke up earlier because I knew he was going to take me for a mission. My mother was against the idea, and she could not help but pester my uncle to cancel the journey. I knew that this is something I had to do; it was the best thing that could have ever happened in my life.

The whole idea started with my Uncle Sam, an astronaut with NASA for over ten years. Earlier this year he took me to one of their exploration missions in the heart of the Atacama Desert in Chile. I did not go there as just a relative being taken for a picnic by a family member but went as an IT expert to help with the exploration machines. In the Atacama, NASA was carrying out an exercise to test the habitability of Planet Mars because the dry conditions in that desert resemble the characteristics likely to be found on the red planet. My main duty was, therefore, to engage the machines known as ‘biomarkers’ so that they could read molecules to identify any form of living matter.

My work during the trip to the Atacama had impressed NASA officials that they decided that if I was willing I could join them in their next mission. This time, it was a real trip to Mars. Uncle Sam had passed this good news to me two months ago and asked me if I was ready and willing to take the journey out of the earth. Of course, I couldn’t say no to the only chance to visit another planet in the solar system though I was a bit nervous leaving my family and wondered if I would make it back.

My mum shed tons of tears seeing me off with Uncle Sam as we set off to NASA headquarters in Washington DC. The mission was to include five astronauts and I, as the IT engineer. We were to leave at night with two rockets hid by NASA in one of their private facilities on the outskirts of Washington. I had only seen rockets in movies. The mission presented me the opportunity to not only see the manmade innovation but also touch it and travel by it. My uncle took me to a special room where we were dressed in special gear that made us look like robots. The all-white clothing made me feel I was an astronaut already and could not wait to enter inside the rocket.

It was time to set off. I wondered why most of us were put in one rocket, but later Uncle Sam clarified that the other one was meant to carry all the materials to be used including food and water while on Mars. I should have thought about that anyway; how else could we survive on Mars minus food and water? My troubles began as the rockets were being ignited readily for departure. I becam so nervously to the extent that I couldn’t feel my head as each of my body muscles felt sore. The shaking and vibrations made me go tense. I felt like I was in a movie though this was really happening live.

My uncle was not new to such experience, and he could notice how horrified I was from the word go. He stretched his hand, held mine and told me to calm down, that everything would be fine. A rocket is not like a plane that can let you have a view to the outside hence the only thing one could do is to take a nap. In any case, at a rocketing speed, I did not expect to have a view from the rocket while in space. It was really going to be a long journey keeping in mind that Mars is millions of miles from the sun.

We had almost travelled out of the earth’s atmosphere when our spacecraft was suddenly hit on one side by an unknown object. The rocket then started to slow down. The controller of the rocket seemed to know the trouble we had gotten into from the look of his face. I could hear him call on the radio saying that the spacecraft had been hit on the side damaging one oxygen tank leading to serious damage. This seemed to be the end of our journey and possibly our lives. Everyone started panicking as the rocket started to decelerate rapidly and shaking at the same time. The bold captain of the spacecraft decided that we could go back to earth using the earth’s gravity. The rocket started falling back freely at supersonic speed, and all I waited was to crash into the earth’s surface. I laid back to my seat crying out loud to the extent that I couldn’t hear my voice….

… “Don, hey, wake up! I know you got a class today. Your face looks so pale like you have been crying, are you doing okay?” It was my mother pushing me out of the bed to prepare for school. I had to pinch myself over three times to be sure I was not dreaming anymore. The nightmare seemed so real that I felt like I already died in a rocket crash. I guess I would not want to listen to Uncle Sam’s fancy space stories that are nightmare creators again.