Sample Essay on The use of “I” in Conversations

“I” is a pronoun that we use in our daily conversations, especially when we refer to ourselves when making explanations. Myself, I have used it, and I still use it in my daily interactions with others. However, different people apply the pronoun in various ways, in most cases confusing it with another pronoun “me”. In certain cases, I tend to use “me” instead of “I” in order to make my sentences grammatically correct. Sometimes confusion comes in when the use of a given pronoun does not sound grammatically correct in a conversation. In this essay, I will look at some of the instances when I used the pronoun “I” in conversations. I will also note some of the conversations from friends.

I once overheard a woman telling a friend that, “me am going for a holiday in Dubai”. People drop, in the daily conversations, this common grammatical mistake. Instead of starting with “me”, she should have used “I” to put it, “I am going for a holiday in Dubai”. Therefore, some of us confuse “I” and “me” in conversations. Since childhood, we have been taught to use “I” in a certain manner, shaping our understanding in terms of daily applications. For instance, one day we were travelling to the nearby town when “the police arrested Fred and I for over speeding”.This is a typical use of “I” in my daily conversations. I have always been taught to structure my sentences in such a manner. In such a sentence, it is advisable to try using “I” or “me” in the singular form of the same sentence in order to find out whether it is still correct. In my sentence, “the police arrested Fred and I”, I can separate it by stating, “the police arrested I”, making it wrong. Therefore, the correct sentence is, “the police arrested Fred and me”.

Most “I’s” I have overheard from friends come from those explaining themselves in terms of other friends. For example, “George ran into Fred and I”, this is wrong.Instead, it should be “George ran into Fred and me”. On the same note, a visitor came to our house one evening, when my mother enquired of who was at the door, the answer was, “it is I”. According to me, I thought this was a wrong application of “I”. Instead, he should have said, “it is me”.Nevertheless, I have heard many proper applications of “I” by different persons, except for a few confusions with “me”.

In conclusion, it is apparent that the pronoun “I” is common in our daily conversations. However, it application requires careful considerations to avoid confusion with “me”. The correct use of these pronouns depends on the subject or object within the sentence. A subject in a sentence should be person or the thing doing the action, while an object is the one receiving the action within the same sentence. As indicated before, in case of multiple objects, drop the rest of names and say the sentence alone, this should make you understand whether to use either of the pronouns. It is proper to conclude that“I” can be used as a subject of a noun in a sentence while “me” can be used as the object. For example, “I joined a football team in my school” or “I am going”. When it comes to “me”, say, “David had Robert and me for supper”. There is need for people to learn the correct usage of the pronoun “I” for correct application in daily conversations.