Sample Essay on the Theme of A&P by John Updike

The story is based on the social class that Sammy finds himself in. He is a young man and categorized in the working class that is supposed to dress, behave, talk, think and act alike. Sammy wanted to break away from these social norms and he was motivated by the girls led by Queenie who at one time visited A&P stores dressed in bathing suits. Sammy views the norms as conformity and is uninterested in pursuing the endeavor.

Sammy and Lengel had a conflict on the issue of decency. The three girls insisted they were decent and Sammy admired them while lengel stood by his view that the mode of dressing was indecent. Sammy got motivated by three girls that he quit his job.  He stands for freedom and self-liberation which are at stake. Thus, decided to quit as a result of pursuing his freedom.

This decision brought about negative repercussions to his life such as losing his job. His parents were opposed to the move an action that deteriorated the relationship. However, Sammy is at peace with his soul because he managed to free himself from social norms that constrained his freedom by imposing rules and regulations to be followed. According to him, the cost incurred is worth the endeavor.

In conclusion, Sammy considers himself a hero because of two major reasons. The first reason is that he attained self liberty to do what he thinks and believes is right for him without necessarily looking at the social norms. Secondly, he broke away from his social class hence derived freedom to act and think in a different way from the rest of the community members. This was a step ahead of the others.