Sample Essay on The Broken Hearted in the Land of Romance

The advert by Jill Gleeson has always remained in my memory. First the head line it had at the top, left center of the magazine the sweet contradicting words, The Broken hearted in the Land of Romance. The headline was more of touching but the picture was speaking otherwise, the advert was showing young people in a relaxed posture at the great ocean.This attracted my attention so much for because I am training to be an author of a short story novel. The second reason was that I was planning to get engaged in the coming week to mygirlfriend, and I would propose to her in one of the fine beaches in Mexico, but apparently the magazine was also addressing the same venue. The final reason is that, it was because of the love of the natural creations such as the sea and it happen that the blue ocean was at large disposal at a glance.

I have bought the magazine and read it to find more about the vacation palace situated in Mexico. The advert has made me know much about the place so well as if I had lived there. I know the prices of best foods, the name of the hotels and island. In addition, it provides the directions to the beach in simple way.In short my proposing vacation was well planned with the cash I had. I have to affirm that if it were not for the headline and the picture of the young youths I would have not bought the magazine. The magazine targeted my specifications and I would buy it again.