Sample Essay on the Big Question

I work and play well with others. I have realized that teamwork is much better and fruitful than personal effort. In teamwork, there are people who have different abilities and weaknesses. This is because of the different personalities within a team. These can be incorporated to result to better achievements than personal effort. My strengths lie in remaining focused at the goals set. For a project to result to achievements, it is necessary to stay focused to a goal. This enables me to work towards the set objectives. I am also proactive. This enables me to work within the set time and complete a task before the deadline. This strength is essential in most of the projects as they are mostly bound by time (Root III, Para 7). I have realized that my friends always look up to me for solutions and conflict resolution. I know that this strength is necessary for teamwork. In addition to this, I am usually time conscious. I have realized that this is an effective tool for the effective completion of a project. As a future project manager, I need to exercise this so I can instill the behavior to the staff members.  I have realized that I am weak in managing a project effectively. This calls for training, which I am able to acquire through teamwork. In as much as I may be skilled and talented, I still need to work in a team for better development in my career. Moreover, the course I am presently engaged in, Project Management, demands teamwork. In Project Management, teamwork is a significant factor to attain success.

Teamwork is also one of the major responsibilities of a project manager. I therefore ought to nurture this skill for future career growth. As a project manager, I will be expected to lead the team members in successful completion of tasks. I will also be expected to develop a strong sense of team building for future projects. This will require successful creation of teamwork ethics. In Project Management, teamwork leads to human synergy (Root III, 2). Teamwork intensifies the achievement of each team member. Hence, the general result realized is greater than the personal contributions of each member.

For me to attain effective teamwork in my project, I must have a project vision and mission. This will assist in defining the objectives of the project and coordinating with the team members. The members need to understand their roles and responsibilities. This is to assist the project stakeholders set expectations for every member. For the members to be successful in the roles assigned, it is necessary for them to undergo training. Training ensures that the members are informed of their roles and expectations. They, therefore, need to go through continuous training, which will keep them informed. As a project manager, I need to create a conducive project environment, which will allow effective problem solving, and decision-making techniques. A favorable environment will enable better collaboration and participation of the members. In case of problems, I will know how to solve even the minor issues. This is because the assumed small issues mostly results to great problems if left unresolved. It is therefore my role as the manager to note of every potential conflict as they come up and solve them before they become unbearable. I understand the significance of trust. It is therefore necessary for me to develop trust with the present teamwork before I can model the behavior in future. Trust commands open communication, supporting a winning approach, and respecting others.  A project manager needs to show the team members that they are trustworthy. This will further enable the development of mutual trust among the member.


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