Sample Essay on Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is common in many countries. Young teenage girls engage in sexual activities that lead to unplanned pregnancies. A few years back, I witnessed a story about a young teenage girl on ABC’s 2010. The girl was able to keep the pregnancy secret from everyone. She later delivered a young baby boy without any help. She delivered the baby at the basement of her family’s house. She decided to cover the baby in a blanket because she feared that her family would realize it. The baby died later and an investigation and a trial were done on the young teenage girl whether she should be convicted for the baby’s murder. This article will analyze whether such young teenagers should be punished for such actions for preventing such issues in the future.

This causal analysis focuses mostly on teenagers. Young teenage sex leads to unwanted pregnancies and death. The research also aims at finding ways that will reduce the number of teenage pregnancies. In the example of the case study given, the young teenage girl should be punished to assist in preventing other teenage pregnancies that might lead to the same results.

The immediate cause of this issue is the high number of teenage pregnancies. The sexual actions of a teenager not only ruin his/her own life but also the life of the family and the baby. Society is also affected because a cycle of poverty is created. The irresponsibility can be traced back to the family and the whole society. Abusive families of teens are also a cause of teenage pregnancies. The families of teenagers should provide sex education and warn teenagers about the dangers of young teenage sex.