Sample Essay on: The first step of power process and almost everything else is discovering what you want.

What do you want to do/be? After you have pointed out what you want, then you can make a plan towards achieving it. For example, I want to invest in the beauty industry in future. I will therefore focus on business courses that will help me acquire business skills that I will need. While owning a beauty shop is in my future, at present I am a student. To be a master student, I will focus on being inquisitive to clear any doubt in my understanding, responsible, willing to change. Another important quality that is important to me at present and in the future is the willingness to take risks. By putting myself out there, I will be increasing my chances of success. In the current world, being tech savvy is important as most operations require technology. I plan on staying informed and tech savvy as my future business might involve online sales.

Having discovered what I want, I need to stick to the plan in order to achieve that goal. Following through on something requires persistence. To achieve my goals and ensure that I graduate with good grades, I plan on visiting the library frequently. Learning is a continuous process and I plan on gaining new things everyday. I have a liking for beauty products and how they transform looks. For me, that is art. Coupled with my business skills, I believe my passion for beauty products will help in my journey as beauty shop owner.  While it is possible I might change my mind along the way, I have decided to keep an open mind and not monopolize in one thing.