Sample Essay on Technology Can Either Shape or Ruin Our Future


Almost every adult today never had an opportunity to touch a mobile phone or use the internet when they were growing up leave alone having a tablet or smartphone equipped with voice commands and applications used to execute almost everything today (Maciamo, 1). These modern technologies have changed the human being lifestyle in a manner that no one could have imagined a few years ago. But is this the end of the road? What else could be discovered that could make a huge difference in human lives? Super fast computer? More gadgets? In this paper, I will discuss how technology is destined to improve the lives of humans in future further.

Some scholars have predicted that technology could have a drastic impact on human lives in future. In a world where robots are expected to assume almost every human task, there could be a scarcity of the jobs. Human social life could also be negatively affected since people will just sit in their houses and command machines to perform almost every task. However, the future of technology is brighter than these few hiccups. In 10 years from now, people will look back on their lives today and be surprised on how the technology would have changed their lives (Maciamo, 1). The gap will be wider than between the today and 80’s. Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies that is expected to shape the human future greatly. By the 2029 computers are expected to exhibit the human intelligence which will increase by a billion folds by 2045. After computers have acquired the capacity to function like the human brain and even surpass it, a moment of intelligence explosion with great potential to cause massive change in civilization will dominate. The innovation rate will progress continuously to a point where it will be possible to predict future human activities. This period is referred to as singularity and experts believe it could happen as early as 2030. Artificial intelligence will present human with an effective weapon to fight against the natural disasters as well as those resulting from human activities (Maciamo, 1). Currently, such disasters have led to the death of tens of thousands of people and destruction of property.

Another breakthrough that could have a massive benefit in future is 3-D printing. Since the start of the industrial revolution, the manufacturing sector has not made a greater landmark than discovering the 3-D printers. Currently, with 3-D printing technology, it is possible to print objects from various materials such as metal, fabrics, concretes, plastics and even food. The future of 3-D printing is also bright (Maciamo, 1). It is predicted that people will not need to move out of their houses to go shopping. It will be possible just to select objects one needs online and perhaps alter them a bit to the size, color or design of their interest and needs and print them using 3-D machinery available. Therefore the 3-D printing will significantly reduce the amount of the carbon emitted through transportations of raw materials and products to and from various locations. This will, in turn, reduce the global warming that is threatening the existence of humans on the earth.

Other technologies with the potential of improving the human lives in future include bioengineering that will help in the treatment and prevention of the most dangerous diseases today. In future technology, could help humans to resolve some of birth defects such as blindness and deafness. By inserting chips in brain,  vision and hearing could be restored in the near future (Maciamo, 1). Another possibility in the field of bioengineering is the development of telepathic abilities. This technology will involve experts inserting microchips in the brains of two individuals and then use the internet to connect them where one person can hear what the other person hears directly in their brains.



Technology has had both the positive and negative effects on the human life and is expected to even have an enormous impact in future. Despite some negative effect technology is expected to have on human activities in future such as the possibility of robotics taking full control of all human activities, technology is expected to benefit human more than it would cause harm. Some of the technological areas where humans will greatly benefit in future include, artificial intelligence, bioengineering and 3-D printing.




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