Sample Essay on Summary of Abstract 1

American Indian reservation communities have different cultural custom and rural borders. They offer exceptional chance to explore various protecting aspects that aid buffer young people from possible risk behaviours. However, past studies had not searched three possible protective factors for violence that include parental monitoring of teenagers and friends. Second, adolescents’ self-value to avoid the fight and the last factor includes willingness of young people to broaden their knowledge about their traditional nature.

The study will investigate the connection between the possible protective factors and the abridged risks accounted violence. According to a survey conducted in 1998, 630 American Indian learners in grades 6-12 were in five Midwestern, rural Indian Reservations. To determine the relationship between the three protective factors and the reduced risk behaviours, the researcher used path analysis. According to the results, there were major gender divergences in both perceived parental monitoring and adolescents’ self-efficacy. In female adolescents, there was no relationship of involvement in violence with self-efficacy, parental monitoring, and the interest of learning their culture. However, male adolescents had interest in learning their culture and thus, their self-value was perfect to keep off from violence. Nevertheless, there was no successful prediction of peer violence and self-efficacy in male teenagers.

Summary of Abstract 2

The first objective of this paper was to describe the specific features of Native American domestic (DV). The second objective was to identify the needs and barriers to service delivery for American Indians experiencing DV. The researcher used qualitative methods for data collection. According to the results, DV in Native American communities differs in a number of ways. Additionally, it is possible to fix the cause of DV in poverty, drugs, historical trauma, and rural isolation. The association of DV with several co-morbid problems suggests a multi-modal intervention approach and collaboration among other selection of professionals.