Sample Essay on Statement of purpose

Statement of purpose

Presently, the development of urbanization has accelerated due to profound changes happening all over the world, especially on the financial side. This is especially evident in most big economies and countries, such as China. Being a strong-minded and enthusiastic individual, I am ready to take this advantage, particularly, due to the motivation I have had to become a professional urban designer. I look forward to becoming a benefit for my country from my hard work; therefore, my aspiration is to become part of the planning and design activities in most city centers in Saudi Arabia and promote them to prosperity. I believe that the Masters Degree in Urban Design is the reasonable next step in fulfilling my aspiration since I will be equipped with the essential knowledge as well as practical skills to fulfill my goal.

I have already completed a Bachelor’s degree in Design Management whereby I used both Marketing and Design skills. This equipped me with a strong ground in architectural practice and taught me to take into consideration the correlations between buildings in order to ensure they generate an integrated and complete product or service. In ensuring that I am prepared for a Master’s Degree, I have served as a team leader, where I contributed to design concepts, marketing plans, and competitor analysis for the Elevation Blueprint Language Learning Program. From these experiences, I gained skills on how to draw and modify different forms of blueprints precisely. In addition, I have learned how to manage time effectively and developed leadership and organizational skills. These are qualities that will be of great help when I embark on project plans in the Masters Degree, as well as in my profession.

I am, therefore, committed to take advantage of each and every opportunity on this program to exercise my planning and design knowledge in and out of the school in ensuring that my ambitions are fulfilled.