Sample Essay on Smarter than You Think

In the book “Smarter than You Think: How Technology is Changing our Minds for the Better,” the author Clive Thompson is convinced that the internet era is the best thing that ever happened to the human race. Thompson outlines the chronological flow of technological innovations from the printing press to the mobile communication among others. The book clearly carves out the extensive reliance on computers for all the human daily undertakings. Thompson acknowledges that technology has affected how people think and it is all for the better. Accordingly, Thompson’s argument is quite factual as technology has done a great deal in expounding on how people think. Significantly, technology has helped people explore their imaginative potential and contributed to magnificent discoveries.

Thompson is cognizant of the human-computer relationship in enlarging individual intellect and collaborative creativity. As mentioned, technology is helping people explore their imaginative capacities and turn it out to be beneficial to the society. For instance, communication is one of the basic functions of human beings. Technology has made communication more effective and efficient. This has brought about the issue of culture awareness and respect among the entire human race. Social communicating networks have enabled human beings to understand and appreciate each other. Similarly, technology has helped in solving the simple memory tasks performed by human brains. With computers, it is easy to store a lot of information and keep it for future reference. Humans have been encompassed with complex and humungous thoughts which would be difficult to memorize. As a result, technology came in handy to restore the situation to normalcy and store huge information for future reference. These are some of the arguments that resonate with Thompson school of thought in propagating that technology is improving on human way of thinking.