Sample Essay on Shirtwaist Strike

Labor rules and laws govern how employees of certain countries work in regard to their wages, welfare, rewards, working hours, and other aspects of labor. The move to standardize these laws so that they can align with services offered by laborers has evolved from time to time. In some instances, it involves the employees organizing industrial action for their grievances to be addressed. In light of this, the New York Shirtwaist Strike was a labor industrial action that occurred in the United States of America. This paper highlights the narrative of the Diary of a Shirtwaist Strike. It was also referred to the Uprising of the 20, 000 that incorporated women of the Jewish background who were employed at the New York Shirtwaist factories. The strike fostered the amending of labor rules in the United States based on the following factors. The strike gained support from unexpected individuals such as the National Women’s Trade Union League of America (NWTUL) and women of upper-class New York society. These wealthy women, known as “Mink Brigade” did not accept Jews and non-whites as members, but they supported this strike. The press also played a big role after Ann Morgan the daughter of financier JP Morgan joined the unrest.

The narrator did not find sense in her employer’s argument because she accuses him of making contradicting statements. She says that Mr. Hayman had always been doing things that are taboo to the girls. She felt their bosses were cowards because they were forming unions to counter the girls’ unrest. Her father was quite perturbed by his daughter’s action and he even thought of asking her to move out of his house. Her mother was quite supportive but she lacked funds and she had to rely on her husband. Most of the strikes during this period became difficult because they involved violence, shedding of blood, and even death. There was no alternative since during this period the administrators did not compromise nor regard the poor people’s welfare.