Sample Essay on Saudi Arabia

About Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a Middle Eastern country that takes up majority of the Arab cape. It has a coastline on the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea. It is a religious state of Muslim inclination. Despite various travel restrictive policies on Saudi Arabia, the State is one of the most interesting places to visit.

Where to Visit

For individuals visiting Saudi Arabia for the first time, in a span of one week, the country’s amusement parks could be the most interesting places to visit; these comprise public parks and small zoos in large cities as Riyadh. Malls, Restaurants among other family-oriented locations are also interesting to visit. However, these areas could be challenging to access, especially for single male individuals.

What to See or Do

Apart from the numerous breathtaking religious constructions, Saudi also has interesting roads and railway lines, interesting arrangements, and constructions of residential places. The Desert could also be a very interesting place to expedite though it is only particularly popular for the locals and extremely dangerous for foreigners, especially the female visitors. The most interesting activities in these places include horseback riding and camel rides, prominent video games as well as Scuba Diving in the Red Sea Coast.

 What to Eat

Saudi Arabia’s food industry provides very delicious fast foods, such as fried chicken locally known as Al-Baik and the Sandwich chain, Kudu. Thali platters are also available in several Curry shops around the Kingdom. Other delicacies of potential interest to visitors include the strongly spiced red colored rice with chicken or lamb, kebabs, locally referred to as shwarma, and the cheap mashed beans stew of Egyptian lineage.

When to Visit

Aside from any tour advisories, there are no specific stipulated times for visiting this Kingdom. Visitors are allowed to tour Saudi Arabia anytime of the year, but must abide by the regulations of the prevailing season or events.


Saudi Arabia is a destination with numerous restrictions, but has very interesting vicinities and facilities to visit, such as the zoos, fun activities like diving, and very delicious foods. It has its public holidays among other events but these do not restrict visitors in any way provided that they can abide by the regulations of the State.