Sample Essay on Response Paper


Climate change awareness is duly important globally [1]. In fact, the United Nations has been in the limelight to ensure that countries take this matter with great consideration. For instance, the Secretary-General has called the menace the greatest collective challenge facing humankind today. He urges the member states to put in efforts to turn the situation into the greatest opportunity for common progress towards a sustainable future.

Therefore, I do agree with my classmate that human actions have caused a rise in temperature on the earth. Researchers claim that increasing carbon dioxide could have an effect on global temperature. It has become clear that human beings increasingly produce excessive gases from greenhouses.

Accordingly, my classmate disputes the notion that climate change is a hoax as posited by Breitbart. In his article, Breitbart argues that the issue of global warming is all a practical joke [2]. I support my classmate because the issue of climate change has had inimical effects to the earth ecology and its effects cannot be trivialized. Research done by NASA research concluded that carbon dioxide plays a big role in trapping heat in the atmosphere.  Using observations from NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) satellite, there are high carbon dioxide levels. The OCO-2 satellite showed the earth’s atmosphere, and topography vertically exaggerated and appeared approximately 40 times higher than normal in 2015[2].

As postulated by Herman in his study [1], in the past 35 years the global temperatures have been increasing. Additionally, global warming has affected the sea level. For instance, the ocean’s water level has been on the rise for the last century. In fact, the rise of sea level is said to have doubled in the last one decade.  Furthermore, the acidity of the ocean surface has increased to about 30% [1]. The increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has caused the increased acidity.

In conclusion, I do agree with my classmate that the issue of climate change should be taken seriously. Accordingly, researchers should have evidence before giving the public invalid finding of their poorly done research. The issue of climate change should be researched in depth. More so, states should attend summits to drive solutions to be applied.


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