Sample Essay on Research Outline

The topic for this research plan will be the impact of social media on organization success. The research plan will seek to answer the various research questions by focusing on a particular industry in the United States that has witnessed massive adoption of social media in its practices. Pact

Aims of the research plan

The major aims the plan will seek to achieve include;

  1. To examine the impact of social media on employees’ performance
  2. To highlight ethical standards in the use of social media.
  • To ascertain the emerging trends in social media promotion.

Research approaches

Both qualitative and quantitative approaches to research will be adopted in carrying out this research plan. In terms of the quantitative approach, real-time data will be collected on the number of companies utilizing social media concepts besides other statistics like ratings of the performance will be considered in this approach. The data collection approach will also be structured to involve quantitative data that can be verified and monitored over a certain period of time.

The qualitative approach will involve examining policies adopted by entities with regard to the subject question. This will also be structured to involve the views of persons on the adoption and the impact of social media within institutions.

Data sources

The research plan will engage both qualitative and qualitative mechanisms of accessing data. The mechanisms to be adopted will include;

  1. Carrying out interviews
  2. Sampling ideas: From the targeted institutions
  • Filling of questionnaires : Will target correspondents from the target region

Possible data analysis techniques

Analysis of the collected data will depend on whether the data is quantitative or qualitative. Among the techniques of analysis that will be adopted include;

  1. Regression analysis
  2. Exploratory data analysis