Sample Essay on Reflective Memo

Over the semester, I have changed as a researcher and a writer in several aspects. For instance, now I understand that planning is an essential step in research and writing. With planning, a researcher can gather all the ideas required to write a paper including the topic and the real content. This planning stage psychologically prepares a researcher to write the paper by revealing what is expected to be written.

I have learnt research and writing skills like breaking a paper into small parts, first drafting, revision and proofreading, as well as avoiding plagiarism. Breaking a paper into small parts makes it more manageable by setting the required length for each part. A first draft is an overview of the paper and is necessary for gathering ideas. Revision and proofreading eliminate major and minor grammatical mistakes in the paper. Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty and one way of avoiding it is giving sufficient citations and references.

Research and writing are a perfect way of applying knowledge and skills learned in class. In most cases, topics learned in class are usually brief because of the time factor. The teacher is only able to cover the essential parts of the topic. Research and writing provide the student with an opportunity to expand on what was learned in class.

In the future, I would like to learn the different writing formats like APA, MLA and Harvard in deep. I want to know their full meanings and the type of papers that each of them suits. I also want to learn their origins and the motives behind their creation. For instance, APA means American Psychological Association, what is designed for psychologists?