Sample Essay on Recommendations for Athletes


Foods obtained from plants contain phytonutrients and substantial amount of vitamins. For example, some fruits such as berries have anti-inflammatory substances,thought to play a crucial role in protecting athletes against pain and injuries while others such as apples contain fiber that helps to eliminate the hunger feeling and prevents constipation. On the other hand, Flax seeds and some nuts are full of omega threeALAs, important bothfor brain development and prevention ofinflammation (Gazette, 1).In addition, bananas contain massive amounts of potassium, which is useful in regenerating electrolytes, lost in sweat during the workout. Thus, it would be necessary for any athlete to choose adiet that would greatlybenefit him/her duringtraining sessions. Studies have revealed that, if amount of meat consumed every year worldwide was to be divided equally among all individuals in the world,each person would get approximately 225 pounds. This is not healthy eating because research has confirmed several dangersaccompanying excessive consumption of meat (Xenia n.p).

In addition to the nutritional value, a plant-based diet also helps an athlete to maintain ahealthy body. Wholegrains, veggetables, and fruits are all rich in fiber that enhances digestion hence reducing bloating. Another advantage of aplant-based dietis, unlike an animal-baseddiet that sometimes leads to anexcessivebuildup of calories and clogged arteries, plants components such as lectin help in clearing extra fats that cause congestion in blood vessels. Plants are alsorich in unsaturated fats contrary to ananimal-based diet that contains saturated fat (Gazette, 1). Saturated fats are normally deposited on the walls of blood vessels narrowing them leading to cardiovascular problems. Excesssaturated fats are also deposited underneath the skin leading to fatteningand in some instances obesity.Consuming plant-based food ensures thatathlete is free from cardiovascular diseases and unnecessary weight gain.

It is crucial for athletes to prepare meals for themselves at home rather than depending on restaurant foods.Cooking at home enableathletes to prepare right proportions of calories, thus avoiding the buildup of calories in their system. If they prepare food for themselves, they will ensure that the diet has reduced amounts ofcarbohydrates and fats because they are aware of the dire consequences these types food possess (Gazette, 1). Cooking at home can also curb the overeating behavior because athlete becomes more conscious of the amount of food he/she consumes. Home cooked meals are also nutritious sinceone ensures that diet contains all components in their right proportions. Preparing meals at home contributes to better and healthyliving. This is because it encourages learning more about healthy recipes, about healthy foods and above all formulating a healthy meal plan for oneself and sticking to it.

Setting healthy-eating goals for oneself is also crucial. For instance, deciding to eat at least a fruit daily and reducing amount of animal foods taken every day may seem unattainable but gradually through hard work and dedication it is possible and worth. Keepingrecords of what one consumes dailycan help to create an action plan (Gazette, 1). The action plan helps to control theamount of food consumed, management of weight andtherefore reduce any chances of getting diet-related disorders.



I would recommend this article to anyonewho wants to embrace healthy eating, especially athletes participating in various sports. This is because it gives a good guide on how toeat healthilyand clearly explains theadvantages of eating healthily for athletes and the best way to attain and maintain a healthy body. This article is also important since it provides the reader with insights on less expensive but highly nutritious foods available.


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